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Unwanted camping gear: Trash or treasure?

Unwanted Camping Gear: Trash or Treasure?

There should be no excuse for leaving behind unwanted or broken camping gear - it's more likely to become trash for park rangers to deal with, rather than a lucky find by a fellow thrifty camper.

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Lunchbox-style butane cookers, like this one, have been withdrawn from sale in NSW over safety conce

Sales of Butane Lunchbox-style Stoves Now Illegal in NSW

Safety fears spark state-wide recall of the popular type of camping cooker.

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Review: HardKorr Bushmaster 4200TE Compact Camper

If you have an adventure planned, hook this camper up, throw in a fridge and you are ready to go.

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Review: SWAG SCT13 MAX Off-Road Hybrid Camper

A 13ft hybrid shouldn’t have all the features that the SCT13 MAX does. For a quick roadside overnight you don’t even have to put the roof up as you can sit on the bed with the roof down.

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