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Clean Water at the press of a button

Ever been doubtful about drinking water from a questionable-looking river or tank? This could be your solution

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The Jewel of Queensland's Sandstone Belt

Explore one of the most spectacular gorges hidden within Queensland’s Carnarvon National Park

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Etiquette for Newbies

Camping is all fun and games until someone breaks these unspoken rules. Here are some tips and tricks.

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Self-sufficient Ethical Touring

Sometimes it’s best to keep camping basic and to practise the handy hacks your old man’s old man held sacred.

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Staving Off the Kids' School Holiday Blues

You’d think that school holidays would be a relaxing time for kids, but the change in routine can be stressful. Kath shares a few tips on working through the unexpected holiday unhappiness next time the kids have a few weeks off school.

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This is the real Bush TV

Is technology destroying camping culture?

Nowadays, kids and their parents seem more interested in their devices than exploring around camp and making friends. It’s bloody hard to watch.

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PICTURE CREDIT: Visit Victoria/Robert Blackburn

50 per cent off camping in Victoria

A 100 million dollar investment by the Victorian government is set to improve campsites, walking trails, and 4WD tracks within the state. Plus, camping at state and national parks is now half price!

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10 Essentials to Pack

Heading into the desert? Bring along these ten things for a smooth and fun-filled adventure.

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Melbourne Show Shows Off

In its 65th year, the Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow draws just shy of 50,000 keen campers.

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Review: HardKorr Bushmaster 4200TE Compact Camper

If you have an adventure planned, hook this camper up, throw in a fridge and you are ready to go.

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Review: SWAG SCT13 MAX Off-Road Hybrid Camper

A 13ft hybrid shouldn’t have all the features that the SCT13 MAX does. For a quick roadside overnight you don’t even have to put the roof up as you can sit on the bed with the roof down.

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