Conquer Any Terrain in Conqueror’s New Tough as Nails UEV-390 Escape

Michael Borg — 10 May 2017

If you enjoy the simple things in life, you’ll love this rig. They’ve got nothing in the way of shiny chrome or fancy knick-knacks, but what they do have is a unique no-bull approach to things.

A strong military influence is obvious, from the army green canvas to the strength and functionality of the camper as a whole. And in terms of storage, the UEV-390 Escape has bucket loads of it, so there’s no excuse for being unprepared out on the tracks.

A massive king size bed is a welcome touch of luxury to this no-frills camper, and is nice and easy to climb up into. There’s also plenty of room for the kids to sleep inside the tent, otherwise you may choose the optional add-on room, which does make a difference.

The kitchen set-up works well, and proved to be extremely practical and functional, not to mention it sits at a user-friendly height - something you can’t always expect from your average camper.

Despite its rugged appeal it’s actually finished off quite well with nice smooth edges throughout, high quality automotive seals and just a touch of finesse. It’s the perfect no-holds-barred camper that you can guarantee will be in the family for generations to come.

The Conqueror UEV-390 Escape is priced at $37,750.


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