MyFire™ - A Safer Campfire Solution Designed By Australian Campers

John Ford — 30 September 2022
MyFire is an innovative portable enclosed campfire that gives Australian campers all the campfire pleasures with safety and ease to use.

“What an amazing small fire”, “Impressive heat output”, “Warm fire, small footprint” say current users of MyFire.

It is small but it punches above its weight! At just 2.5kg, MyFire is much lighter than many fire pits. Yet, this steel unit is sturdy, efficient, safer and kinder to the environment.

MyFire uniquely focuses the heat on campers’ legs and feet while they sit safely further away from the fire. The cooler sides of the fireplace make cooking easier. Indeed, while it is not a barbecue, you can cook anything from a hearty meal to snacks and marshmallows! As it is designed for use at ground level and in a tray, it is not easily knocked over, and you can move it safely while it is alight. 

The environment-conscious love that this campfire uses just small quantities of small wood standing vertically to deliver a lot of heat and virtually no smoke. The wood burns away completely without leaving dangerous hot coals; and embers promptly extinguish in the water-filled tray.

It could not be easier to use, from carrying it flat-packed, to assembling in just seconds without any tool, to extinguishing promptly, cooling, then cleaning and packing in seconds.

Relax, enjoy the cosy warmth and mesmerising lightshow of MyFire’s strong flame!

MyFire™ designed and made in Australia.

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