Gear Review: SOLID GPS Tracker

John Ford — 18 August 2022
Aussie built Solid GPS tracker is simple to use for your caravan, car, motorcycle or another RV.

We put a lot of time and thought into getting our caravan just how we like it, so the thought of someone hitching it up in the middle of the night is daunting. Even if the van is covered by insurance, there are personal items and memories we don’t want to lose at the hands of thieves.

Not only that, good luck replacing a van in today's market. They have increased in value exponentially and forget trying to get a new one in a reasonable time frame. 

So when the makers of this Australian-developed and made device suggested we give one a go, it seemed like a product many caravanners would think was a pretty good idea.

The Solid GPS tracker is self-contained and small enough to conceal in your caravan, but it will work on cars, motorbikes, boats or any large item worth stealing. Its battery is said to last for three months before it needs recharging, and it sends a message to your phone if the tracker moves from its designated parking place. The GPS signal works on phone technology and comes with a Telstra 4G sim card and a cord to a USB charger. It was simple and quick to download the Solid app, and it suits both Android and IOS.

We tested the tracker over six weeks and the battery diminished by only 10 per cent, so it seems safe to say that recharge times are adequate. The app on your phone gives an up-to-date charge status.

Watchdog mode creates a boundary around your last GPS point. When your vehicle with the tracker leaves that boundary, emergency mode activates, and you'll be notified through your phone and email. Watchdog mode then turns off, and the tracker sends new locations every two minutes with the position seen on a map.

It doesn’t matter what network your phone connects to, the Solid GPS tracker will work with all of them. While your phone is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to track your vehicle. And even if your phone can’t connect to the internet, your tracker will still track while it can receive a signal. Because the tracker is based on movement, whenever your vehicle moves, your tracker detects that movement and sends its current location to your dashboard.

If your vehicle has been stolen, you can share your account with law enforcement, friends or family, and they'll have access to your dashboard for 24 hours. 

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