ASPero - New Power Management System by BMPRO

Allison Watt — 22 July 2022
An entry-level solution for camper trailers and RVs.

BMPRO has expanded its power management system stable with the addition of the ASPERO, an entry-level solution for camper trailers and RVs with a lower price point, but still with the high level of functionality for which its products are renowned.

Australian-made and focused on convenience, the ASPERO is a complete power management system, combining the ASPower battery management system with the ASDisplay, a sleek slimline membrane display panel delivering real-time information on key RV parameters. 

The membrane-style display is unique, taking into consideration the minimal space available in camper trailers and RVs and providing a cheaper option for consumers. All monitoring and control is done directly via the display touchscreen, rather than needing to connect to an app. This helps keep the cost down while still providing all the functional benefits that the target market requires.

The ASDisplay provides up-to-date information on battery, water tanks, and other connected loads. It shows the battery level of the RVs battery, the charging/discharging state, battery chemistry, active power sources, and the water levels of any water tanks with a BMPRO Dipper water level indicator (sold separately).

The ASPower Battery Management system is suitable for both LifePO4 and lead-acid batteries, includes an integrated solar regulator suitable for input from solar panels up to 450W, and employs intelligent charging algorithms to ensure optimal battery health. RVers will benefit from the system’s automatic battery preservation mode that saves battery power until the user is ready and able to charge.

Brand Ambassador, David Bayliss, said the product is simple and easy-to-use.

"It's simple, like a camper trailer and basic caravan owner wants. It doesn't have Bluetooth or need an app to run, it just has an easy-to-read screen and all the functions we want like solar and auxiliary input, AGM and Lithium battery charging profiles and up to 35amps of charging. Importantly, it will be affordable and easy to install so an option for upgrades and rebuilds," he said.

Mr Bayliss said pricing is not yet locked in.

"We know it'll be competitive, but before we get a retail price, we need to work with our OEM suppliers on wholesale prices to get it into their trailers," he said.

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