Invicta Lithium Batteries Reviewed

Tim van Duyl — 14 February 2022
Powering Up

When it comes to lithium batteries, there are no real household names. We’re flooded with Facebook ads for the best new release at supposed bargain prices and a quick search on the likes of eBay and you’ll get dozens of results for all sorts of unheard-of brands. My recommendation with them is to steer clear. The seller could be a private individual or be offshore with no legal obligations to back up their claims and worse, the batteries could be rubbish like a lot of the junk flogged online. So, what of Invicta? It turns out they come from a parent company, Sealed Performance batteries, that happen to supply the bulk of Australia’s retail and OEM batteries. 

Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) supply ARB and BMPRO their lithium batteries as well as suppling the likes of AC Delco and Zeal traditional AGM and lead-acid batteries and they’ve been doing it for more than two decades. 

Invicta Lithium Batteries are a new-ish brand that looks to be the coming household brand for, well, lithium batteries. SPB partnered with us on our Outback Pub Experience and in doing so, supplied a couple of batteries for review as well as some quality time to talk about the range and the plans for the company. 

By now you should know the key features and benefits of lithium. They are roughly half the weight of AGM/Lead Acid, have a larger expected number of, and deeper discharge cycles — typically, they carry long warranties and are able to be dry-stored for long periods. They do not handle heat well and most are not able to start engines. To me, they are the best option for campers, caravans and 4WD fitouts, I think though the price can be an obstacle for some. To see the key specs on the two we had, see the breakouts.

For me though, there is more to the story on why Invicta is a good choice. Number one is that they are independently tested in Australia by none other than SETEC, the parent company of BMPRO who were so impressed they now retail their own range of SPB lithium batteries. 

The testing demonstrated the quality of the batteries as good enough for a seven-year warranty that included 2000+ full discharge and charge cycles with no loss of duty (effective usefulness of the battery). That is, if you do some digging, really impressive, or take my word for it — that is damn good.

I also really like the app that connects to most in the range (those with BT in the part number) as the detail about state of charge, battery health and even temperature in the app is more than I’ve seen in competitors and it loads instantly, something I’ve struggled with on cheaper batteries. 

On our trip, we used the Slimline 50A the most. It was used to power all sorts of gear including testing of the Hema HX-2 Reversing Camera. The small size and feather weight of the unit made it easy to find a spot to park the battery while running power to the camera via the M6 terminals was better than the old alligator clip on a stud. Like all of the range, orientation didn’t matter so we packed it into our Opus camper at pack down or parked it in the book of Ed Glenn’s Prado. Flawless is the best single word to describe our time with it and so impressed was I, I had the rear seat of the D-MAX out to see where I could park one permanently, a popular choice and reason for the Slimline series compact dimensions. 

Invicta will become the default brand for retail lithium batteries, I think. The dealer network is already solid and growing while online sales are yet to be direct from SPB, you can pick them up from other retailers easily. But there is more, knowing the OEM industry is turning to SPB for their battery needs, just ask; if the battery is from SPB, if it is a sister to the Invicta, you’re buying well warranted and assured quality. 

More Info: Invicta Lithium Batteries

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 50Ah
Terminal M6
Length 277mm
Width 106mm
Height 222mm
Weight 6kg
Recommended Current Charge < 25A
Cycle Life (100% DoD) 2000+
7-Year Warranty
RRP $799

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Terminal M8
Length 306mm
Width 168mm
Height 216mm
Weight 12.2kg
Recommended Current Charge < 50A
Cycle Life (100% DoD) 2000+
RRP $1,599


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